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Magic of Spices - How to benefit from medicinal properties of spices ?


Magic of Spices - How to benefit from medicinal properties of spices ?

Spices have long been revered not only for their culinary prowess but also for their medicinal properties, demonstrating remarkable healing powers across various cultures and traditions. From ancient Ayurvedic practices in India to traditional Chinese medicine and beyond, spices have played a vital role in promoting health and wellness.  The healing powers of spices are undeniable, with centuries of empirical evidence and modern scientific research supporting their efficacy in promoting health and well-being. Incorporating these flavorful treasures into our diets not only enhances our culinary experiences but also nourishes our bodies and supports our journey towards optimal health.

Spices do lose some of their medicinal properties when cooked in oil due to the breakdown of certain compounds under heat.  When spices are added to cooking oil, they infuse their flavors into the oil, enhancing the taste of dishes, but the process of heating can indeed degrade some of the bioactive compounds responsible for their healing properties.  Spices like ginger, garlic, and cinnamon also contain bioactive compounds that may be affected by frying in oil.  

To maximize the health benefits of spices, it is advisable to incorporate them into dishes in various ways, including incorporating them into soups and tea and raw dishes like salads or smoothies  Additionally, consuming a diverse range of spices regularly can help ensure a broad spectrum of health-promoting compounds.

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