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Mealsumm : The fastest South Indian Breakfast you'll ever make

Mealsumm presents an exciting range of instant chutneys and spice mixes to enhance the taste of your dishes! Prepare it quickly, and store the products easily for your next time. Our products can be prepared without a single drop of oil and take no time to prepare - just add water !

We offer the following product lines:

Mealsumm Instant Chutneys: Delicious classic chutneys in an easy to carry powder form. Just add water, mix and it's ready to eat!

Mealsumm Spice Mixes: Make the most delicious dishes instantly. Adding oil is absolutely optional. Just add one ingredient - everything else is in the packet. The best taste guaranteed, every time!

Mealsumm Curry Mixes: The ultimate in taste and convenience. Eliminate all the work in making your favourite dishes - just add water and cook for 3-4 minutes. And it's ready!

All Mealsumm products are 100% natural and vegetarian, and contain no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Enjoy delicious Indian Regional dishes and International dishes cooked hygenically in your own kitchen without the grind. Keep visiting for more variety of curry experiences and soul nourishing food.

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